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Choosing a Professional Guardianship Service

As families consider the costs of studying in Ireland, one thing is sometimes not apparent until after a little research...A local guardian is requested by schools and universities for students younger than 18 (Click here to learn more). It's true, your child will require a dedicated student guardian for simple everyday matters as well as any emergency situations that may arise. It's not possible to be a guardian from your home country and it's not a role your homestay family is likely to take responsibility for. So how do you choose the right guardian for you and your child? It's a good question and in this blog we look at 5 ways to choose a professional guardianship service you can rely on

Consider the role and responsibilities of the guardian

A student guardian plays a central role between parents, students, schools and agencies. Most parents believe the school will do everything but school simply do not have the resources to do everything. Consider the following simple tasks

  • Purchase the correct fitted uniform

  • Locate and purchase the correct books for classes

  • Purchase stationary

  • Locate and apply for after school activities outside of school time

  • Arrange for transport

  • Make an appointment with the doctor/dentist

  • Visit teachers and to check up on academic progress

Consider who you can rely on when selecting a guardian. It's extremely important to make sure the guardian chosen is a trusted professional with a track record in student care. For more info regarding guardianship services, click here

Check if your guardian has a registered business

This may sound obvious but in many cases it can be overlooked. If the guardian you have selected doesn't have a registered business as a guardian, it is most likely not a professional service. Is a pilot without a licence really a pilot? If a guardian does not have a registered business, the same business laws that protect consumers do not apply. Business details for most companies can be found at the bottom of the homepage on a website including their company registration number which can be checked and verified.

Can you view their services?

Transparency is key to a quality service. Are the services that your guardian offers listed anywhere? Do they have a social media presence? Do they have any testimonials? Is there a website you can check? We can't judge a book by it's cover but if the cover shows no care (or there is no cover), what can we expect from the content inside?

Company Affiliations, Accreditation and Associations

Quality standards show a company is accountable and has the systems and checks in place to operate safely. Quality standards can't be achieved overnight as they take time to consider and implement. Affiliations and accreditation demonstrate an ability to implement standards and meet a minimum level of acceptability. Standards that currently exist in Ireland and overseas include the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) and the Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland (AGPI). Our student guardianship strives towards providing provable quality in student care through our associations with BSA and AGPI.

Does it come recommended by a school, agency or a close friend?

A recommendation is always helpful when selecting a guardian as it proves they have experience and a track record with parents, schools and educational agencies. We're always happy to let parents know that Guardianship Ireland (ISGI) comes highly recommended by our customers, school partners, overseas partners and local homestays.

International student Guardianship Ireland (ISGI) is based in Limerick and offers professional student guardianship to students and their families across Ireland. We work with the excellent public and private secondary schools as well as universities for students under 18 entering their first year of study. We provide visa support for students outside of the EEA region as well as homestay placement services to students that wish to stay with a local Irish family while attending school. To learn more, why not get in touch today and schedule a call.


Whatsapp: +353834491299

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