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Student Guardianship
for School & University Placements


International Student Guardianship Ireland (ISGI) was established by Nora Gallagher as a professional guardianship and homestay service strategically based in the West of Ireland to service counties across the Munster region. ISGI brings a high quality personal service to students and families that wish to study in Irish secondary schools or universities. 


In 2022, ISGI was proud to be recognised for it's quality service as a Guardianship Organisation Finalist in the 2022 Study Travel Magazine Secondary School Awards. ISGI has gained further recognition from the Boarding Schools Association (BSA) as well as the Association of Guardianship Providers Ireland (APGI) and is affiliated with well respected international and public schools across Ireland. Professional student care is the essence of our service that includes full time guardianship for secondary school and university students, homestay placement and academic year school placement. 



Homestays are chosen with care and consideration based on consultation with families. All families have a track record with international students and have children of a similar age.  

Max 30 students per guardian

As a personalised service, we take no more than 30 students per guardian. Our quick response rate and close proximity to schools and homestays means we can offer the best possible care throughout the year at all times. 

Free  Consultation

We offer free consultation to all our parents. This includes recommendations regarding schools and homestays in the area. Reports are sent regularly to keep parents informed at all times. 

Close proximity to Schools

Our centrally located office is in close proximity to all our schools. As the only professional guardianship service in the Limerick City area, we are the number 1 service for schools and parents 

Why Choose ISGI


ISGI provide homestay placement and guardianship services within the Munster Region of Ireland including Limerick, Clare and Tipperary. We work with international partners, parents and secondary schools in the area to place students in schools that best suit their personal requirements and academic goals.


Ireland is among Europe's best for secondary level education. Schools offer an excellent selection of academic subjects in science, technology and arts. All students studying in the Irish highschool system require a guardian to ensure their safe keeping. Learn more about the role of guardians in the link below.    



We offer students the chance to enrol in Ireland's top public and private schools based in greater Limerick and Munster area. We work with partners across Europe and the world to provide the most suitable school placements, guardianships and homestays for students that wish to study in Ireland. 


Guardianship Ireland are very professional, efficient and solves any issue we've got so quickly. They have taken a strong interest in looking for the appropriate host family. We wanted two cousins to be hosted together.  Nora has found a really good one. They are a lovely family and take care of them in a lovely and warm way."

“really with my son you have been amazing, this period has been hard and for me and it has been very very helpful having you, thanks!"



Limerick, Ireland 

Tel/Whatsapp: +353 834491299


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