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International Student Guardianship Ireland offer a variety of services for international students studying in Ireland and the Irish school system. 


Academic year service including airport transfers, homestay placement, 24 hour emergency on call service etc.   

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Homestay Placement

Parents that wish to avail of our homestay service only can book this service directly with ISGI. We offer the best homestays in the Limerick area.   

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School Placement

We provide a placement service for students through our partner BWE for students wishing to study in Irish schools for the academic year or on a term basis. Both public and private schools 


Guardianship Services Provided

Guardianship Services Provided

Role of Guardian

  • ISGI offers guardianship for international students who come to Ireland to study in schools in Ireland.

  • At ISGI we make a strong commitment to take responsibility for the care and wellbeing of all students for the duration of their studies.

  • ISGI takes great pride in offering students a comprehensive and supportive guardianship while in Ireland and guarantee the family of the student that ISGI will ensure that their child is safe, happy, placed in a learning environment and that any issues that may arise will be taken care of instantly and effectively.

Living Arrangements 

  • This is one of the most important decisions that a family can make, it can be difficult to make this decision from abroad.

  • The families of the student can trust that ISGI will make the choice for them, as if your child was our child.

  • ISGI ensures that your child is happy, content, relaxed, welcomed and safe with the host family that will be chosen for them.

  • All students will have a room to themselves, a quiet space to study, space to think and have a right to privacy when and if needed, while at the same time feeling as if they are part of the family.

  • A home away from home is what ISGI will find for your child.

  • If you choose a boarding school for your child, they will close at certain time, some every second weekend and mid-terms and also Easter and Christmas holidays.

  • During these times students will need to stay with one of our host families.

Student Advice and Monitoring

  • ISGI will ensure that your child is helped in every way possible, from finding their way to school to ensuring they are feeling happy and content.

  • Every student will be contacted minimum once per week. .

  • It is the intention to visit each child personally once every two weeks and more frequently if there are issues.

  • ISGI will produce written reports after each meeting or make contact with the parents so they have a first-hand account of how their child is doing.

  • ISGI will attend the parent teacher meetings on behalf of the families if required and will send a report to the parents on the academic progress of their child.

  • Sometimes students will require a higher level of support i.e. if they are taken ill or if they are having any issues at school or at the host family home.

  • ISGI will assist to ensure all issues are sorted to the students’ satisfaction and will be happy to visit more frequently if required.

  • ISGI are committed to making sure your child is happy, safe and in a learning environment while under our care.

Emergency 24/7 Telephone contact

All students are given our 24/7 emergency telephone number, if they find

themselves needing to speak to someone they can do so at any time.

This is available 365 days of the year. Please remember what is regarded as an

emergency for a 12 – 17 year old may not be an emergency for an adult, do not

worry our company will take care of all issues for the child.

Medical Care 

We assist students with all their medical needs throughout their stay.  

Schools with an on site medical team i.e. nurse, have the responsibility to deal with your child’s medical issues. However, if parents have explicitly informed the school, that as guardian, an

ISGI representative must take your child to the doctor, ISGI will take take full responsibility to do so. Please note - The school medical team take precedence over ISGI guardianship at all times unless otherwise stated. 

Airport Transfers 

ISGI offers a minimum of two airport transfers, one when the student arrives and

one when they leave the programme, the students will be met on arrival at the

airport of choice and delivered to the airport of choice on their return home by a

member of the team.

Should other airport trips be required during the year these will incur an extra

charge. See price list.

Homestay Services Provided 

Homestay Services

  1. Students will be collected on a Friday afternoon from the school and will be dropped back on a Sunday evening every weekend the school closed, this may be every second or every third weekend depending on the school.

  2. A single bedroom with a place to study (some students will have their own bathroom)

  3. Full board, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as required

  4. Good food will be provided and if you have any dietary requirement these will be respected

  5. Your child will be treated as part of the family and they will eat their meals with the family

  6. Your child will be asked to part take in family outings should they occur while staying with the family

  7. Your child will not be left in the host family home without supervision at any time and if this should occur ISGI will need to be notified

  8. WIFI will be provided in most houses

  9. Laundry should be carried out in the school, however, if needed you may be able to do some light laundry at the host family home. Your host family will expect your child to make an effort to integrate into the family.



This will be your childs home so they will not be allowed to spend their time alone

in their room. If your child is shy please encourage them to mingle and integrate as

it is very important for them to feel content in the host family home

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