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High School Guardianship

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Student Guardianship in Ireland 

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Students studying in Irish High Schools are required by schools to nominate a guardian for the duration of their study. A professional guardianship service, such as ISGI, assumes the role of natural parents. The nominated guardian should be a reliable and trusted point of contact for parents, students and the school throughout the academic year and available at all times.    

What is the role of Guardian? 

The difference between success and failure is often having the right support and assistance when needed. A guardian is the person you rely on ensure your child starts and finishes the year as smoothly as possible. ISGI professional guardianship service offers essential support to parents, students, schools and partner agencies with practical assistance and guidance throughout the academic year. To learn more about the role of the guardian, download our brochure below.  

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Providing Peace of Mind

Our guardianship assistance starts before arrival and continues throughout the academic year. We are here throughout the journey offering parents the confidence and peace of mind that all things big and small are taken care of

Before arrival 


  • School placement and consultation 

  • Support international partners 

  • Homestay arrangements 

  • Educational agency support 

Upon arrival 


  • Airport meet and greet

  • Airport transfer  

  • Homestay coordination 

  • Provision of Irish sim card

Throughout the Year 


  • Monitoring academic and social development 

  • School books, uniforms and bed linen organised and available upon arrival

  • 24 hour availability for emergencies

  • Minimum bi-weekly contact with parents with monthly updates

  • 24 hour contact with host families

  • On call for school concerns

  • Medical insurance organised if required

  • Non academic support with after school activities 

  • Regular check ups in person to monitor progress and well being

  • Attendance at parent teacher meetings with follow up meetings if necessary

  • School reports sent to parents

  • Mid term and exeat holiday arrangements with host family/airport transfers

  • Arrangement of additional transfers as required

  • Unaccompanied minor documentation and airport approval

  • Crisis Management ie in the case of illness, school suspension, cancelled flight

School Uniform
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Homestay Placement

We offer assistance to students that require a weekly or daily homestay. We help to find and place students in a suitable location close to the school with a host family to suit their needs. We take into consideration the hobbies and character of each student when taking care in placing them with families that will suit their personality with children of the same age where possible. Parents booking guardianship services with ISGI are given access to the homestay portal on our website to learn more about our fully vetted and experienced host families

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