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When you appoint ISGI as guardians for your child, you give us full authority to make arrangements for your child while they are in Ireland. This includes authority to select and appoint a family who will welcome your child into their home during weekends, half terms, and holidays and at other times if necessary; We are authorised to protect your Child’s confidentiality but equally to override confidentiality if necessary to safeguard your child’s welfare in accordance with Irish Law and Children First Legislation and in good faith to decide any matter (including medical treatment) that has a bearing

on your child’s welfare when in Ireland and in the care of ISGI.


We will do everything possible and required to make your child welcome, safe and protected and promote your child’s welfare when he/she is not in the school. We will select a family who will take a genuine interest in your child but will respect his/her privacy, cultural background, religious beliefs and dietary needs. We will keep constant contact with you and notify you immediately in the event of a serious issue arising.


Our responsibility only arises when your child is in Ireland and registered in the school of your choice. If you have any concerns re the education and pastoral care of your child while at school this should be taken up directly with the school, we are available to help with any issue you may have and will contact the school on your behalf if required. While in the school the school authorities are responsible for any decisions they make in the case of a serious issue arising. They will of course follow their procedures and wi ll notify ISGI in this case and ISGI will notify you the parents.


You are responsible for making certain that your child is adequately insured within Ireland in the event that he/she causes personal injuries, loss or damage to members of the host family or other third parties such as members of the public. You are also responsible for insuring your child’s belongings such as a computer, musical instrument, watch, sports or other equipment. Medical insurance can be organised for your child while in Ireland if you wish. This can be organised through an insurance company that offers medical insurance to students while in Ireland through O Driscoll O Neil Ltd Dublin. A copy of the insurance will be sent to you.


We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from or caused by any act or omission on the part of the host family, or on your child’s part, or any loss or damage that results if you have not provided us with complete, accurate relevant information about yourselves or your child. This includes but is not confined to the medical questionnaire which is filled in by you on behalf of your child.


Fees relates to all sums of money charged to your account under the terms of this contract including expenses incurred by the family or by us and including the cost of repairing damage caused by your child (other than fair wear and tear). All fees are payable in advance. Fees will not be refunded or waived for any reason once ISGI has been booked by you. See our refund policy. If fees are not paid when due, ISGI reserve the right to terminate the guardianship arrangements. 

REGISTRATION FEE – €200 is payable with the application form. This fee is non-refundable. The remainder of the fees will become due by July 20th each year. No homestays etc. can be booked or confirmed until payment has been made.


Homestays will be paid one month in advance and it is expected that the fees for this payment will be in the ISGI bank account on time and in the correct amount each month. All communication with the host family must come through ISGI first and ISGI will forward to the host family. You may not make any arrangement or plans with a host family without first informing an ISGI representative. This is to ensure clarity of information between all who care for your child. Expense Account If your require ISGI to order books, uniform, sports gear, arrange transport to sports events etc for your child ( outside of school events), it will be expected that these items are paid for in advance, wherever possible. A forward payment to ISGI, of between €300 and €500 may be required, depending on the requirements of your child. An invoice with the receipts will be issued for all spending. A statement of account will be sent on a monthly basis.

ISGI will do everything it can to make your child’s experience in Ireland an excellent, memorable one.



Should you child become ill while in school, the nurse or school medical team will have to be consulted before the guardian can do anything for your child. The school policy takes precedence over the guardianship. The  guardian can only take your child to a different private doctor if it has been cleared with the school.

The host families do not take children if they have an infectious disease or vomiting bug. This is to protect their families and those they may be in contact with. It will be the schools responsibility to ensure the children are looked after and if a doctor says they must be removed from the school, only then will the guardian step in and make alternate arrangements.

If your child is booked in with a host family for the year, please note that the host family will expect payment for every weekend, even if, your child decides to go to a friend’s home for a weekend or should you the parents come to visit and take him/her out for the weekend.


Termination of the contract will be at the end of the school year. Should your child’s conduct warrant suspension or expulsion from the school no part of the fees paid will be reimbursed. ISGI may be allowed to terminate this contract in the case of alcohol or drug abuse by the student.  ISGI will not be responsible for any incident that may occur if your child is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Should an ISGI representative be called out to collect your child at any time due to an alcohol or drugs related incident there will be a charge of Euro 400 for same.


We will notify you immediately if your child should leave school (unapproved absence) and/ or the care of the host family (unapproved absence). If your child decides to go out of contact (i.e. go missing) we will take reasonable steps to reestablish contact and will notify the authorities if appropriate.


These terms and conditions and the related documents may undergo reasonable change from time to time at our discretion in order to meet changing circumstances. Notification will be given of any changes that may occur in writing.


A set of polices will be sent to your email, you will be asked to read and verify that you have read and agree with the policies. Refund policy, Children First Child Protection Policy, Complaints Procedure and Computer Use Policy. 


This terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Irish Law

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