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Cistercian College

Welcome to Cistercian College. This all boys boarding school situated in Roscrea, Tipperary is considered one of the top 5 colleges in Ireland and is known for its excellence in education.

Life at Cistercian College offers the possibility of many positive experiences. Founded just over one hundred years ago by the monks of Mount St. Abbey, the College has since it's inception been a leading educational established in Ireland.

Cistercian college creates a warm and welcoming environment where students can study and exercise in a modern school that offers excellent healthy food and state of the art facilities. At the core of the school are its prayer life and it's close knit community, built on the highest standards of pastoral care, putting Cristian love at the centre of an educational philosophy that seeks to open the hearts and minds of their students.

The College is surrounded by open fields, woodland and forest and it is in this unique setting that the values of friendship, trust and honesty have been developed amongst generations of students leading to lifelong friendships.

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