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Siobhan Patrick Host-family

We are a close family of 4 and live in a quiet area in the suburbs of Limerick city
I work as the Sales Director for a Radio Station.
Rebecca is 16 and is starting 5th yr in Villiers School and does sport and training for 20hrs every single week!
Liliana is 13 (14 in January) and starting 2nd yr at a different secondary school this year. Jack is 9 (10 in November) and is starting 4th class in Primary school

If you like shopping we are only 10mins walk from the biggest shopping centre in Munster - Crescent Shopping Centre. We have a lot of amenities around the area within a 5 min walk from our house including local shops, restaurants, barbers, pharmacies etc. The bus stop is just outside the estate and only a 10mins ride on the bus to the city centre.

We have a beautiful house and welcome our new guest with a good sized double bedroom with double bed, desk & drawers. There's also a television in the room so you can cast from your tablet or phone to watch shows!

Homestay Details

Property Type

5 Bedroom Detached house in a quiet estate with 10 other houses.

Available rooms


Bedroom Type

Good sized Double bedroom with double bed, desk & drawers.
Television in the room (You can cast from your tablet or phone to watch shows).


Two Guinea Pigs - in a cage in the Toyroom!



Available from



Fast WIFI, Two seprate sitting rooms, garden, large kitchen.
We have Netlfix, Disney & Prime on all of the Televisions in the house.

Homestay Photos

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